Permanent Residence Application & Renewal

In order to renew your Permanent Resident Card, you must complete the application form, gather your supporting papers, pay the money, and submit the application to the local IRCC office. I Fly Immigration’s top tier professionals can help with the entire PR journey, from the application itself to understanding the renewal process.

You should only renew your PR Card if you meet the Residency Obligation. The Residency Obligation is a minimum of 730 days spent in Canada within the last 5 years (i.e. the validity of your PR Card). If you have spent less than 730 days in Canada during the last 5 years, do not renew your PR Card. Instead, spend as much time in Canada as you can before applying for a new card. If you renew your Card without having satisfied the Residency Obligation, you risk lose your status. If you have spent less than 1080 days in Canada within the last 5 years, I Fly Immigration recommends you wait until you have more days in Canada as well, in order to avoid the Residency Determination, which is a huge hassle; it’s stressful, it’s a lot of work and failure to respond to the Residency Determination could put your status in jeopardy.

Still have additional questions? Or are you ready to get your Permanent Residence Application or Renewal done? I Fly Immigration in Mississauga can help your PR renewal or application process seamless and thorough. Contact us today!

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