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Spousal Work Permit

Your spouse or common-law partner may submit an application for an open work permit if you are an international student who is attending school full-time and possess a valid study permit. Your spouse or partner will not be required to have a job offer in order to apply, and the validity period of his or her permit will coincide with that of your study permit.

A work permit that is not specific to any one employer is known as an open work permit. It enables your spouse or partner in common law to accept any job with any employer of their choosing. If either you or your spouse/partner applies for and is granted an open work permit, it will typically be valid for the same amount of time as your study permits.

Your job permit as well as the employment permit of your spouse or common-law partner will be valid for the same amount of time as your study permit. I Fly Immigration can provide you on the intricacies about the Spousal Work Permit in Canada, we offer some of the best professional immigration help in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto - contact us for more information on the Spousal Work Permit or other immigration services.

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