Prince Edward Island Nominee Program (PEINP)

The tiniest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island (PEI), can be found off the east coast of the continent of North America. This location is perfect for those who want to further their education, establish a career, and start a family.

Career prospects on Prince Edward Island (PEI) are diverse and rewarding, and the local business community is encouraging of new ventures. Students from over 60 different nations go to Prince Edward Island in search of an education of the highest caliber. With industry-specific coursework and degrees in a wide variety of specializations, our higher education programs are successfully satisfying the demand for a trained labour force.

The number of people living in PEI is on the rise. The province is seeing an influx of new residents, each of whom brings with them fresh perspectives and opportunities, so enhancing both the social and economic fabric of the region.

  • Immigrate to PEI as a Worker
  • PEI Express Entry
  • Skilled Workers in PEI
  • Skilled Workers Outside Canada
  • International Graduates
  • Critical Workers
  • Immigrate to PEI as an Entrepreneur
  • Work Permit Stream
  • Buy or Sell a PEI Business

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