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Post Graduation Work Permits

International students who have successfully completed a program in Canada are eligible to apply for one of these visas. Individuals who are eligible for PGWPs have the ability to work for any employer, for any number of hours, and in any location across Canada. Post-Graduation Work Permits in Canada can be a tricky process, but I Fly Immigration in Mississauga can lead the way in getting it done for our clientele.

PGWPs have a validity that can range anywhere from eight months to up to three years. It is a really good option for hopeful people to get job experience in Canada and to be guided towards the possibility of acquiring permanent residence in this country.

It is important to be aware that not all educational programs in Canada would qualify a graduate for a work permit after they have completed their degree. If you want to validate whether or not your program of study aligns with the permission, cross-referencing which programs are eligible can be helpful or ask one of your I Fly Immigration specialists to see if your program would qualify for the permit.

In contrast to many other types of work permits, an LMIA is not necessary to obtain a PGWP. To qualify for the permit, applicants must be at least 18 years old and enrolled in a full-time academic program in Canada that has a duration of at least eight months. To successfully complete the program, you will need to attend a Designated Learning Institution that offers a course or degree that is compatible with the permission. The application must be submitted no later than one hundred eighty days after the completion of the individual's program. In general, the PGWP procedure might take anywhere from 80 to 180 days to complete. Reach out to I Fly Immigration in Mississauga today so we can get you fast tracked in obtaining your PGWP.

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